Becoming a Freemason

So you have decided that joining our organisation might be right for you.  We hope you will consider joining St.Laurence Lodge; we are a happy and friendly lodge, getting much enjoyment from our meetings and social events.

If you have not already read our leaflet about Freemasonry, click here to learn a little more about joining.

Maybe you have a family member or friend who is already a Freemason.  Talk to them about their experiences and ask them any questions.

If you simply want to talk to one of our members about joining, click here to go to our Contact form.  Someone will call you back as quickly as possible.

We like our prospective members to feel comfortable with the lodge members, and also for us to get to know you.  You, and your partner, might like to attend some of our social events.  You might like to join our members for a drink after one of our meetings.  Or perhaps a quiet coffee  and a chat.

Finally, your name will be put forward for ballot by all the Lodge members, followed by your Initiation into our fraternity.

You will be about to take your first step into new friendships and service to your community.